Data Wing – Mobile Game

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Data Wing Game Review

My expectations weren’t very high when I saw this game on the app store. The artwork looked okay, but I’ve seen so many games with this kind of look to them and boy did this one surprise me!

So when you boil the amazing artwork, great gameplay, incredible music and great story line, it’s a pretty standard puzzle game. Start here, get to here to finish the level. But please take my word for it, is it far from a standard puzzle game. Just take a quick look at the video below to see what I mean 😉

Data Wing Game Play


The controls are simple enough; tap the left side of the screen to rotate left and tap the right side to rotate right. You can also tap both together to stop accelerating but who ever does that right? To complete the levels, you must use walls, gravity, keys, boosters and various other kinds of level features. With the physics not unlike newtonian physics, you ‘drift’ around corners, gaining boost from being close to walls to beat time trials, vs mode and hottest laps.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done networking tech, so please bare with the nerdy stuff.. but basically, you play the role of a command, that delivers payloads (data) to parts of the system so that the user can read the message. This idea that you get instructions to take some information to a specific place, I believe, was modeled off the way data stored in memory is retrieved from a specific location happens in your computer.


What was most surprising to me, is the storyline. At first, I didn’t really pay attention as the annoying tutorial seemed to have about as much use as the paperclip from word back in the good ‘ol days. Instead it turned out to be a partially sentient computer program who was hell bent on becoming human. Now I won’t spoil the plot, or the ending but for a short puzzle game with 40 or so levels, it was good! In some levels, you can find little data packets that should have gone to the user that also tell a side story that’s very sad!

The game performs amazingly. I never had an FPS dip, lag of any kind or memory leaks that I could find.

If you didn’t guess from what you’ve already read, I’m a huge fan of their artwork. It’s very science fiction / neon / futuristic look combined with a flat design was executed brilliantly.

Audio / Music:
They spent a lot of time working with some great music producers. There’s far to many to list here, so just click on the heart button in the main menu to see what’s going on there.

Adding all the little details, such as tiny flash animations when you touch the controls, trails of where you have been, and the ghost laps really put this in my best played games for quite a while.

Well, I found some of the levels could be a little repetitive, and that there was definitely a lot of scope to add some really interesting featured. I’m also hoping that this is just the first, as I think the storyline could open out into something more substantial.